5 Best Free Speech to Text Software/Converters for Windows

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Newly, automation has increased speed, and other people are always on the laptop/computer and doing other tasks like writing, blogging. People get tired due typing continuously variety of documents. Or, a number of the people are being very slow in typing that’s reason get any work done on time is incredibly difficult. This place is where you find out how to convert the speech to text using the software. during this post, I’ve got covered 5 best free speech to text software converters

Thanks to the evolution in automation, a speech to text software can be used to transcribe or convert audio to text. There is a number of such tools available downloadable or online.

Let us discuss some of the best free tools to convert audio to text.


Best 5 Speech to Text Software for Windows

Let us now discuss some of the best free tools to convert audio to text. Each speech-to-text converter software comes with different functionality or drawbacks. Today we will be reviewing 5 such software, here is a list of the top 5 speech-to-text converters.

1. Google Docs Voice Typing

2. Windows Dictation

3. Window’s Speech Recognition

4. Speech notes

5. Bear File Converter

1.Google Docs Voice Typing

Google Docs Voice Typing

Google Docs has now become an essential part of most of the blog writers’ lives. Mainly if you are already a user of Google So if you use Google products like Gmail and Google Docs and need a built-in, efficient, yet free tool, consider using Google Slides or Google Docs and use Google’s voice typing tools. Do it. It enables you to type with your voice and use over 120 view commands that are clear to format and edit your documents any way you want. As well as changing the style of text, bullet points, Arrow and moving the cursor to different parts of the content.

2.Windows Dictation

Microsoft’s Dictate

Dictate is basically a Microsoft Office add-on and works well with Word, Outlook. and powerpoint. You can also find it on the Microsoft Store. If you don’t already have a copy of Microsoft 365 already installed, don’t worry, you can also download it separately. Once installed, you can enter it via the “Dictation” tab that appears at the top right of the ribbon. The app supports voice commands for most standard tasks such as typing or editing text, adding punctuation marks manually or automatically, and moving the cursor to a new line.

3.Window's Speech Recognition (WSR)

Speech Recognition to text

On Windows 10, Speech Recognition is an easy-to-use and this feature is already available in Window. You can fully control your computer through voice commands.

Once the app is set up with voice commands, you easily set up and use this feature to navigate the app, launch apps, dictate texts, and perform many other tasks. However, speech recognition was first designed to help people with disabilities who cannot use a mouse or keyboard.



Speechnotes Tool is a very organized and powerful speech-to-text converter that converts audio to text very simply. This is third-party software that is not inbuilt in Windows. It is very user-friendly. There’s no must download it and register. You can easily open the Speechnotes online link by going to the Chrome browser. After opening you can click on the microphone icon to start dictating the audio to be converted into text. Displaying the left side of the screen, there are many, much-used shortcuts and commands you can use to edit text. In addition, Speechnotes, automatically save documents so that we do not need to save them again and again. After execution, the text can be directly saved to local files or exported to Google Drive.

5.Bear File Converter

Bear File Converter is a comprehensive tool that offers a wide variety of services, including a speech-to-text converter. It is available online for free use. You can upload audio files that are no more than 3 Mb in size and click on convert. This speech-to-text software bears the audio file formats supported by this speech-to-text software are MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, and many others. You can also add audio files URL. Just click convert to start the process. The files are saved in the window and other devices in a word file.

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