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How to compress PDF file offline best way-2022

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How to compress Pdf file offline-2022

When you want to compress the size of your PDF file offline but there is no such free software available in the market, you are troubled to find it and still do not find it, then you have come to the right place, here you will get free The software will also be available and how to use it will also be known.

There are many websites to reduce PDF online but we cannot trust it because our data can be leaked, there are some official data which we keep confidence head, we cannot share them on the website, That’s why we should have some such software offline so that we can edit the pdf, split the pdf, extract pdf, with many such features, we need such software, so today we will know about the same software.

Today we will know about such software which is capable of reducing the size of your PDF file completely and this software is free of cost.Apart from this, if you want to merge PDF offline then you can also read this article.

In today’s post, we will learn about PDF24 Creator. It makes things simple and easy with very powerful and feature-rich and verbose-free tools. We will discuss the full feature of the software later. Firstly learn How To Reduce PDF File Size Offline Using Software

How to Reduce PDF Size offline

People who need to work with PDF regularly may need to collaborate with PDF documents on any device all the time so the first method is to resize PDF files on any device including desktops and mobile phones. The only tool you need is 24 PDF Creator


How to compress pdf file offline?

1.First of all open pdf24 crater software.

2.From the home page select the Compress PDF file option.

chose copress pdf file option

3.After selecting the compressed file, you will get the option to upload the file.

I have given its image below for your understanding.

selsrct and upload pdf file

4.Upload your file by clicking on the chosen file.

select your file

5.Upload your file by clicking on the chosen file.

see here file uploading

6.As soon as the file is uploaded, the option of DPI and Image quality will be enabled, from here you reduce the DPI a bit and also keep the image quality at 70% and simply click on compress so that your PDF file will be compressed.

change quality of image

7.In a short time your PDF will be compressed, you save us by clicking on the save option.If you see below, how much difference has been created between these two pdf files

Save your compressed PDF FILE

If you do not understand the article then you can watch my given video

Watch video

In this video i have explane how to compress pdf offline.

For information about similar PDF editing software, click on the link given below

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