VidScripto pro Review: Why YOU Should Consider it now.

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1.What Is a VidScripto Tool?

VidScripto is the first of its kind AI-powered software that automatically transcribes, and adds voiceovers and captions to any video, giving you more followers, likes, comments, shares, leads and paying clients.

This amazing software can transcribe any viral video in any language with its most powerful AI engine and you will get amazing unique content without creating it.

Are you sure you are capturing your entire market? There is no point in talking to your audience in your own language whenever you communicate, whether it is an important announcement, invitation, performance, offer of services, clarification, anything else you want to communicate in the video. audio or text? A truly global audience can be reached, but only if you break the language barrier. So, what if I told you, now you can convert and translate any video in 30 different languages ​​with 100 different voices in minutes, and reach new markets instantly. Here is Vidscript.



The creators behind this product are Kimberly de Vries, Danny de Vries and Kelechi Mmonu. , They have repeatedly grasped their talent, to personally make & help clients make enormous amounts of profits.




With VidScripto you can grab any video, transcribe it, translate it, and add translated speech to reach new markets, grow your following, generate leads, and sales in only minutes. And the best part, you don’t even have to create your own videos. Simply search for a viral video on YouTube with the VidScripto Viral Search Engine, give it your own title, transcribe and translate

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3.VidScripto Pro Features

  • Dashboard with Overall Analytics (including projects, views, and clicks)
  • Translate any video to text in 30 languages
  • Import videos, upload directly or import from YouTube
  • Automatically match captions with time ready for upload
  • Customizable caption styling
  • Video hosting for your videos
  • Clone Projects: Create multiple transcriptions and translations in various languages with different voices.
  • Dedicated 24/7 support team

Easy-To-Use: Their smart technology does all the hard work for you!
Adjustable video sizing for different social media platforms
AI Voiceover for subtitles (over 100 voices and 30 languages)

4.How VidScripto works?

To make your viral video in their local language:
Step 1. Choose Your Viral Video
Step 2. Customize the script: choose your language, Add captions, add a progress bar and voice-over, and resize the video.
Step 3. Publish to Social Media Platforms and Cloud: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Whatsapp, GDrive, MediaFire, DropBox.


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