3 Mobile Video Editing Apps

Edit Anywhere, Anytime: 3 Mobile Video Editing Apps Users Love

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In fast-moving industries like media and entertainment, content creators and social media managers often need to create short videos for platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter quickly. These videos aim to grab people’s attention and promote their brand.
Thankfully, mobile video editing apps step in to help. These apps offer the same features but with a very much simpler interface and allowing users to edit and access videos from anywhere on their mobile devices.
To assist you in choosing the best mobile video editing app, we analyzed over 2 million user reviews on Software Advice. Based on the percentage of positive reviews, here are the top three mobile video editing apps.
Mobile Video Editing Apps
3 Mobile Video Editing Apps Users Love
App # of Reviews (Past Two Years) % of Positive Reviews % of Negative Reviews % of Neutral Reviews
InShot Pro 63 76% 13% 11%
KineMaster 139 71% 19% 9%
Adobe Creative Cloud Express 21 67% 33% 0%

Data Source: SoftwareHope

Mobile video editing app
InShot Pro
InShot Pro is a mobile app for editing videos that you can use on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. It lets you make videos slower or faster and improves their quality by making them smoother. You can also change the background of your videos and add your backgrounds.
InShot can make captions for your videos in different languages. It has a feature that can follow something in a video, which is useful for focusing on specific things like products in a demo. You can also put stickers and text on your videos.

Who should use InShot Pro?

People who manage social media and freelancers who need to edit videos for social media platforms might like InShot Pro. It has effects for videos and helps show different things you offer. InShot Pro also has music you can use without worrying about copyrights.
Customer support: Email, FAQ, and help pages
App price: You need to pay for it, starting at $3.99 per month per user
Billing cycle: Every month
Here’s a review from someone who used InShot Pro’s mobile app: “I like that I can use the app on all my devices without needing another account. It’s helped me get more people interested. It is easy to use on different devices like Android phone, Apple, and even Chromebooks and tablets. It works well with different platforms and formats, whether it’s landscape or portrait. It’s great for editing content when I’m on the go.”



KineMaster is an app for editing videos.. It has ready-to-use designs for social media. The app can make green-screen videos using chroma key and uses advanced technology to  improve your pictures.

You can adjust the brightness, color, and other settings of your videos to improve their appearance. KineMaster works with high-quality videos, up to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second (FPS). You can make very clear videos and even GIFs.

Who should use KineMaster?

Businesses and  individuals who want to personalize their videos with green screens can use KineMaster. The app also  allows you to modify the background of your videos and change the  colors and shadows. Additionally, KineMaster can edit audio, like changing the pitch or volume of your videos.

Customer support: Email, phone, FAQs, and help pages

App price: You have to pay for it, starting at .99 per month per user

Billing cycle: Every month

Here’s a review from someone who used KineMaster’s mobile app: “KineMaster let me make video covers for my songs without spending lots of money on professional filming. It’s much quicker this way. What I like about KineMaster is how fast and easy it is to use. It’s really fun!”

3.Creative Cloud Express

Mobile video editing app
Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a tool for changing videos, and it is  also an app for businesses. The app has a bunch of pictures you can use to create a slideshow video. You can mix video clips, drawings, and animations from a library of templates using a drag-and-drop editor.

The software can also use AI to make images and videos from written descriptions. After making them, you can change backgrounds, resize pictures and videos, and cut video clips as needed.

Who should use Adobe Creative Cloud Express?

Businesses that want their online brand to look the same and need a tool to make and control their videos, logos, fonts, and colors can use Adobe Creative Cloud Express. The software helps make pictures and animations for social media and has a calendar for planning and scheduling posts on different platforms.

Customer support: Email, chat, phone, FAQs, and help pages

App price: You need to pay for it, starting at $9.99 per month per user

Billing cycle: Every year

Here’s a review from someone who used Adobe Creative Cloud Express’s mobile app: “I like making my own stuff. If I don’t know how to use the app, Adobe’s site has free lessons to help you. I use this app to make my marketing materials. I also play around with editing pictures and making projects just for fun. I don’t have any complaints about Adobe Express.”

Features of interest

Here are some features you might find interesting in mobile video editing apps:

Touchscreen editing and gesture control: You can use touch gestures like pinch to zoom, swipe to trim, or tap to cut for easy editing. This lets you split videos into parts, remove unwanted sections, or merge clips together smoothly.

On-the-go editing: Edit your videos anytime and anywhere directly from your smartphone or tablet, taking advantage of the convenience of mobile devices.

Filters and effects: Change the colors in your videos, like brightness, contrast, saturation, and color balance.
You can also use ready-made filters or effects and adjust how fast your videos play.

Audio editing: Add sound effects and music tracks to your videos from a library of audio templates. You can even record and include voice narration. You can manage the volume of your video and background music using the app.

Face and object recognition: Use filters or effects made especially for faces, like beauty improvements or facial recognition tools.. The app can also automatically track and follow a specific object or person in your video.

What advantages do mobile video editing apps have compared to desktop versions?

In today’s busy world , mobile apps for  editing videos have become really useful. They offer many benefits compared to  old-fashioned desktop software. Let’s explore why you should consider harnessing the potential of mobile apps for your video editing needs:

On-the-Go Convenience:Edit your videos wherever inspiration strikes, directly from your smartphone or tablet. Say goodbye to the constraints of a fixed workspace or the need for a high-performance desktop computer.

Intuitive Touchscreen Editing Interface:With touch-based controls, editing becomes a breeze. Easily trim, cut, and rearrange your footage using simple finger gestures, providing a more natural and tactile editing experience.

Harnessing Built-in Camera Features:Leverage the unique capabilities of your device’s camera, seamlessly integrating features like time-lapse, slow-motion, and hyper-lapse directly into your editing workflow.

Specialized Layouts for Mobile Devices:Enjoy features tailored specifically for mobile platforms, including portrait mode editing, live photo editing, and augmented reality effects. Discover the amazin possibilities  of your phone or tablet for making  exciting videos.

With these advantages, mobile video editing apps provide unmatched freedom and ease, letting you express your creativity  whenever and wherever you want.

Frequently asked questions when selecting mobile video editing apps

  1. What features does the app offer, and how easy is it to use?
  2. Can the app handle multiple video and audio tracks for advanced editing?
  3. Are there additional features or content available through in-app purchases?
  4. What is the quality of exported videos, and can it be customized?
  5. Does the app allow for adding branded watermarks to protect content?
  6. What customer support options are available?
  7. What is the pricing model, and are there subscription plans?
  8. Does the app work on various devices and operating systems?
  9. Are there user reviews or testimonials to assess performance?
  10. Does the app receive regular updates to improve functionality?

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