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Top 5 AI Website Builder Tools, let’s create a website!

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“Making websites nowadays doesn’t need lots of money to hire pros. AI-powered tools now make it easy for anyone to create websites. These tools use fancy technology such as predicting what might happen, learning from experiences, and clever AI to get things done, so you don’t have to do any coding or design manually.


Just by answering a few simple questions about what you want your website to do and who it’s for, AI website builders can make a custom layout, suggest content, and handle all the technical stuff behind the scenes. This simplifies website creation and helps you save both time and money.


This article talks about five popular AI website builder tools, chosen based on what real users’ likes are and what we found in our research. We’ve put them in alphabetical order. Some are just for building websites, while others are part of bigger business packages. But they all use AI to help with things like web design, making content, and getting better search results.

Top-rated AI-enabled website builder tools
AI-enabled Website Builder Tools Overall Rating AI Features Starting Price
Dorik 4.7/5 AI image generator, AI code export $15/mo
Duda 4.5/5 AI product descriptions, content editing $19/mo
Odoo 4.1/5 AI copywriter, image editing $24.90/user/mo
Webnode 4.6/5 AI migration tool, SEO suggestions $5.50/mo
Zyro 4.7/5 AI writer tool, heatmaps $2.99/mo

Pricing, reviews, and ratings are as of Mar. 27, 2024


Dorik is a AI website builder powered by AI. You can type in your own ideas, and it will make a website that works well. Its smart tech gives you advice on making your website look good and show up in search results. You can design the whole website or just parts of it. Also, Dorik’s AI can help you write and change the words on your website, like titles and descriptions, to fit your brand. It can even make your writing simpler, shorter, or change the feeling.

AI Features:

  • AI-written content: Tell it who you’re talking to, how you want to sound, and what you want to say, and it will write the words for your website.

  • AI image maker: Describe what you want, and it will make pictures for your website. You can work with others and get instant feedback.

  • Exporting website code: Save a copy of the website’s code, including everything it’s made of like words, styles, and interactive parts.

  • Starting price: $15 per month

  • Payment plan: Every year

  • Customer support: Email, help pages, and live chat

Who Should Think About Dorik’s AI?

If you’re a small business owner or working alone and want a website that shows up in searches, Dorik could be a good choice. You can download the code it makes, so you have control over your website and can change it however you want.



Duda is another AI website builder that works by itself and has an AI helper.

This helper creates different parts of your website, like pages, descriptions, and content. It can also translate in different languages, which is useful if you want people from different countries to understand your website.

You can tell it about your business and how you want things to look, and it will make personalized content like titles, paragraphs, and pages. Plus, it helps you write detailed descriptions for your pictures and videos.

AI Features:

  • SEO help: The AI helps you pick the right words for search engines, so more people can find your website.

  • Editing content: It can make your writing shorter, find mistakes, and change how it sounds.

  • Product descriptions: You tell it about your products, and it writes detailed descriptions that help people find them online.

  • Starting price:  $19 per month

  • Payment plan: Every year

  • Customer support: Help pages and live chat

Who Should Think About Duda’s AI?

If you have a store with lots of products and want a website that looks good and helps people find what they want, Duda could be a good choice. Its AI can keep your website’s style consistent and make sure your products show up well in searches.



Odoo is a business management suite that comes with AI tools for building websites. You can give the AI website builder  information about your business, add a logo, and pick a theme from its collection to make your website look good. You can use a simple editor to add different parts to your website, like banners, text boxes, titles, and pictures. The tool lets you choose colors and even add special effects to make your website more interesting. You can also include changing sections on your website, like suggesting articles or upcoming events, to make it more tailored for your visitors.

AI Features:

  • AI writer: Use the AI writer, powered by ChatGPT, to make words for your website, like titles, paragraphs, ads, and descriptions. You can give it special rules to make sure the words match your business.

  • Website stats: Get reports about your website’s performance, like how many people visit it, what they do, and if they buy anything. The AI can even guess what might happen in the future based on the data it collects.

  • Image editing: Make your website pictures look better using the AI’s tools to fix things like brightness, contrast, and colors.

  • Starting price: $25 per user, per month

  • Payment plan: Every year

  • Customer support: Call, email, help pages, and live chat

Who Should Think About Odoo’s AI?

If you’re not very good at designing websites, Odoo could be a good choice because its AI can help you make your pictures look better without needing a lot of skill. It can also make sure all your pictures look the same, even if they come from different places


Webnode AI website builder

Webnode is another AI website builder that works on its own and comes with an AI tool that can move your current website to its platform. This tool checks your current website and makes a few different versions of it. You can pick one and change things like colors, logos, and fonts to match your style. Like other website builders with AI, Webnode’s AI can suggest titles, paragraphs, and other stuff for your website based on what you want to achieve and who you’re talking to. You can then edit and make changes to fit your business needs.

AI Features:

  • Personalization: Change website content and design based on what users did before, what they like, and who they are. This AI learns from past experiences to make things better for users.

  • Image improvement: Make the pictures on your website look better. This AI can make pictures smaller without losing quality and suggests words to describe the pictures, which also helps people find your website online.

  • SEO help: Get tips to make your website show up higher in search results. Following these tips can make more people see your website.

  • Starting price: $5.50 per month

  • Payment plan: Every month

  • Customer support: Email and help pages

Who Should Think About Webnode’s AI?

If you want to change or update your current website, Webnode could be useful. Its AI can make a few versions of your website automatically, so you can pick the one you like the most. Your original website stays safe, and you can always go back to it if you want.

5. Zyro’s AI

Zyro’s AI

Zyro is a  AI website builder  that uses best technology to help you in constructing your website. You just tell it what your business is called and what it does, and it creates a website for you. Then you can modify elements such as images, text, colors, and fonts to achieve the desired appearance.It also helps make content that search engines prefer. Generating content favored by search engines is another way it helps. Zyro also offers additional useful features, such LIKE creating business names, logos, resizing images, and more.

Special Features:

  • Ready-made parts: You can add things like contact forms and social media feeds to your website easily.

  • Better pictures: Zyro can make your pictures look better, even if they’re not great quality.

  • Seeing how people use your site: Zyro shows you where people click and scroll on your website so you can make it better.

  • Starting price: $2.99 per month

  • Payment plan: Pay every month

  • Customer support: Email and help pages

Who should use Zyro’s AI ?

Zyro is great for anyone who wants to make a website without much hassle. Its tools are easy to use and can help your website look good and work well.

What advantages do website builder tools with AI capabilities offer?

  • Efficiency: AI website builder tools make building websites faster and easier by doing tasks like design, content creation, and coding automatically.

  • Customization: These tools can make websites that fit your business perfectly because they can be adjusted to match your preferences, brand, and content needs.

  • User Experience: AI makes websites that are easy to use and look good on all devices, which makes visitors happy.

  • SEO Optimization: AI helps websites rank higher on search engines by suggesting the best keywords, tags, and content to attract more visitors.

  • Data-driven insights: AI website builder  gives helpful details about a website’s performance and how people interact with it. This helps businesses make wise choices to enhance their websites.

How much does AI website builder software cost?

 AI website builder software can be as cheap as .59 per month or as expensive as 9+ per month, depending on different things like the AI features, number of users, reports, chatbots, and how well it integrates with other stuff. Most AI website builders have these pricing plans:

  1. Free trials: These last from seven to 30 days and let you try out all or some of the AI features. They’re good if you want to test a tool before buying it.

  2. Free versions: These let you use basic AI website building stuff forever, like picking templates and doing simple changes. They’re good if you’re a small business with a tight budget.

  3. Basic plans: These start at .59 per month and give you access to standard stuff. They’re good for businesses that just need to make a simple website, like for a blog or a small online store.

  4. Medium plans: These cost between and 0 per month and have more advanced AI features, like fancy design options, better online stores, and good tools for making sure people find your website in search engines. They’re good if you need more than just the basics, but you’re not a huge company.

  5. Big plans: These cost over 9 per month and give you everything from the basic and medium plans, plus extra stuff like marketing tools, fancy reports, and ways to talk to customers online. They’re good if you’re a big company and you need lots of options to make your website work exactly how you want.

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