5 Best Cheap Fundraising Software

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For groups that help others, fundraising software isn’t just about getting cash. It’s also about keeping track of the people who give money and taking care of them. There are special computer software that make these jobs easier by doing some tasks on their own and helping to talk to donors through emails and social media. These software help these groups get the most out of their efforts to raise money and make smart plans.

But, buying these programs can cost a lot, especially when you don’t have much money to spend. This article shows you five good computer software for raising money that don’t cost too much, chosen from what people say about them and their prices on the internet. We looked for programs that cost less than $47 a month and listed them from the cheapest to the more expensive ones.

We put these programs into two groups: ones made just for fundraising software and ones for collecting payments that can also help with fundraising software. No matter the group, all the software can handle payments, keep track of contributions, and manage donor information.

Fundraising Software Ratings
5 top-rated affordable fundraising software
Software Overall rating # of reviews Value-for-money rating Starting price
Cheddar Up 4.7/5 40 4.8/5 $10/month
Donately 4.3/5 164 4.8/5 $15/month
DonorSnap 4.4/5 356 4.8/5 $39/month
Eleo 4.8/5 150 4.0/5 $39/month
Little Green Light 4.6/5 300 4.8/5 $40.50/month
* Pricing, reviews, and ratings are as of April 12, 2024. Data sourced from SoftwareHope.
Cheddar Up . Fundraising software
Cheddar Up

Cheddar Up is a Fundraising Software that helps you gather money online for a good cause. You can make a special page for your fundraiser with its own name, picture, story, and a big banner that shows what you’re all about. You can tell people how much money you hope to raise and add a form to your page to get details from the people who donate, like their name, phone number, and email. You can also show what people can donate to, with a set price or any price they want.

Cheddar Up’s simple plan allows you to create lots of fundraiser pages, donation choices, and forms without any limits. You can share your fundraiser page using QR codes and unique links, and receive donations using credit cards, cash, and electronic checks.If you pick the upgraded plan, you can do everything you do with the basic plan, but also you can receive money more often and have a team to help manage the money.

Basic plan features:

Keeping count of donations: Write down all the money that comes in on your fundraising page. You can see the names of the people who gave money and how much they gave.

Displaying donor names: If you like, you can show the names of the people who give money on your fundraising page, but not how much they gave.. This can help other people trust and want to give money too.
Checking who visits your page: Find out who comes to look at your fundraising page. You can see how many people come, where they come from, and what they are interested in. This information can help you make your fundraising even better

Starting price: $10 per month

Cost to upgrade: $30 per month

Billing cycle: Annual

Customer support options: Call, email, and help articles

Who should consider Cheddar Up?

Cheddar Up is a good choice for groups that help others and want to give their donors different ways to give money. They can let donors give any amount they want or pick a set amount. This is especially helpful if you want to give donors special rewards or thanks for giving more, like calling them gold or platinum supporters.


Donately fundraising software

Donately is a special website that helps you make your own fundraising page with your own style. You can write messages that touch people’s hearts, add videos and pictures, and put buttons so people can share your page on social media. There’s also a cool thermometer that shows how close you are to your money goal. Plus, you can put forms on your website or social media for people to give money. You can make different forms for different events and ask for certain details from the people who give money.You can keep an eye on all the money that comes in and send a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who donates with a personal email.

With Donately’s simple plan, you can store all your donor’s information, create reports, provide receipts, and send special ‘thank you’ cards to people who donate. If you get the better plan, you can have as many people as you want helping to manage the donations and add special buttons to your page for people to donate easily.

Basic plan features:

Donor management: Make a list of all your donors with their contact details, how much they’ve donated, and their favorite ways to communicate. You can organize them by how often or how much they donate, so you can chat with them nicely.
Fundraising with friends: Let people collect money by themselves or with their friends. This way, they become heroes for your cause and help each other meet the fundraising target.
Regular donations: Set up events that allow people to donate money often, whether it’s weekly, monthly, every three months, or yearly.
Starting price: $15 per month

Cost to upgrade: $49 per month

Billing cycle: Annual

Customer support options: Call, email, and help center

Who should consider Donately?

Groups that help others and want to get more people involved should think about Donately. It lets people raise money on their own or with a team, which means more ways to find new donors and spread the word further. This helps bring in more donations and more money for the cause


DonorSnap fundraising software

DonorSnap is a helpful Fundraising Software for collecting money and setting up fundraising events. It lets you make online forms for people to give money, which you can add to your website and send through email. You can also design your own ‘thank you’ notes that get sent out by themselves whenever someone gives money There’s a board where you can see the latest donations, who gave the most, and a summary of promises to give money, which helps you keep track of how your fundraiser is doing. Plus, you can quickly update lots of donation details at once, instead of one by one.

All of DonorSnap’s plans let you use every feature they have. But, the number of people’s details you can save depends on the plan you pick. The basic plan can save details for up to 1,000 people, and the bigger plans can save up to 30,000 people.

Basic plan features:

Making friends step by step: You can have steps like ‘New Friend,’ ‘First-Time Giver,’ ‘Good Giver,’ and ‘Super Giver’ to help you know people better and figure out what to do next.
Knowing your donors: Make a special page for each person who gives money with their phone number, how much they’ve given, and what they’ve done before. You can watch what they like to help with and send them nice emails or news they want to know about.
Keeping promises in check: Write down what people promise to give, like how much money, when they’ll give it, and why they want to give it.

Starting price: $39 per month

Cost to upgrade: $59 per month

Billing cycle: Monthly

Customer support options: Email, call, and help center

Who should consider DonorSnap?

Groups that help others and want to be really good at meeting new people who can donate, talking to them, and asking for help should consider using DonorSnap. It’s a tool that helps you chat with people who might donate and helps them understand how they can keep helping over time. For instance, you can send a friendly email to someone new to say hello, thank them for getting involved, and explain how their support can make things better.


Eleo fundraising software

Eleo is a handy Fundraising Software for groups that want to gather money and organize events to raise more. It has a special place where you can list all the jobs you need to do, plan fun events, and keep track of money people promise to give. It also lets you say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who gives money, watch how many people are giving again and again, and see the total money raised each year. You can save details about your donors, like their names, how much they give, and the way they like to talk, so you can send them messages that make them feel important. You can also set up online forms for people who want to volunteer, see what they’re up to, and organize them by their interests, skills, and when they’re free to help. Plus, Eleo makes sure all your information and the donors’ details are kept safe with security stuff like firewalls and protection against viruses

Just like DonorSnap, every Eleo plan lets you use all its features, no matter how much you pay. But, there’s a limit to how many donor details you can keep. The basic plan lets you keep information for up to 2,500 people, and the bigger plans can hold details for up to 20,000 people.

Basic plan features:

Event planning: Prepare for big fundraising events like parties, sales, meetings, and charity walks. You can create sign-up sheets that show your group’s symbol, list the guests, check who attends, and send out event details using the tool.
Task planning: Write down all the jobs you need to do to find more donors, set up fundraising events, plan things, and ask for money grants. This helps you figure out what needs to be done first, who should do it, and keep an eye on the progress.
Grant planning: Search for opportunities to get grant money, keep track of deadlines and tasks, ask for funds, and manage your money. Save all your grant documents, track money in and out, and make reports to see the results and the good things happening because of the grants.

Cost to upgrade: $59 per month

Billing cycle: Monthly

Customer support options: Call, email, and help articles

Who should think about Eleo?

Groups that help others and want to focus on getting money through grants should think about Eleo. It has a feature for managing grants that makes it easier to ask for and keep track of grants. It lets these groups write down and watch everything about their grant applications, money they get, important steps, and costs in one place. This way, they can really keep an eye on the whole process of getting a grant, from asking for it to reporting after they get it. The tool also has a list of private and local groups that give money, including what they care about, what they want to fund, how to ask them for money, and how to contact them. Nonprofits can use this list to find groups that care about the same things they do and might want to give them money

5.Little Green Light

Little Green Light fundraising software
Little Green Light

Light Little Green Light is a special website that helps groups keep track of people who give them money. It stores a lot of details about donors, like how to contact them, how much they’ve given, what kind of messages they like, and how involved they are.You can record donations from individuals as well as money pledged from grants and other sources. It offers tools to find grant opportunities, ask for funding, and keep track of tasks and deadlines. You can create personalized reports on donor activity, fundraising progress, and campaign effectiveness.

These reports help you see how successful your fundraising efforts are, identify popular strategies, and make informed decisions to improve your fundraising skills.

Just like DonorSnap and Eleo, every Little Green Light plan lets you use all the features. But the basic plan can only keep details for up to 2,500 people (like donors, volunteers, and members). If you choose a better plan, you can keep details for up to 50,000 people.

Basic plan features:

Sorting people: Give tags to people to put them into different groups for sending messagez and making reports. Tags can be different based on whether the donor is a person or a company, how much they give, if they come to events, if they volunteer, or other special things.

Planning events: Get everything set for your fundraising gatherings. Keep track of who’s invited, check who attends, and record any donations received. This helps you determine if the event was successful and how much money was collected.

Emailing many people: Send multiple emails at once if you have a list of donors. You can use a pre-designed template or write your own message. You can also connect your email list to a specific event or fundraising initiative.

Starting price: $40.50 per month.

Cost to upgrade: $54 per month

Billing cycle: annual

Customer support options: Help article

Who should think about Little Green Light?

Little Green Light is a great option for organizations that rely on big parties, auctions, and fundraisers with friends to raise funds and attract new supporters. It helps you manage event details, track attendees, and oversee event progress. This includes managing invitations, RSVPs, ticket sales, seating arrangements, and other event tasks. Moreover, the software keeps track of all event data, enabling organizations to assess their performance, understand participant involvement, and develop smart strategies for future events.

Nonprofit Software Features
Nonprofit Software Features
Feature name Criticality rating (%) Description
Payment processing 93.18% Empowers nonprofits to securely handle various payment types, including credit/debit cards, ACH transfers, and online gateways, simplifying donation and contribution collection.
Contribution tracking 86.89% Enables nonprofits to monitor and organize contributions from donors, categorizing donations by campaign, event, or purpose, and generating transparent financial reports.
Contact management 84.75% Offers a centralized database for storing and managing donor/supporter information, including contact details, communication history, and preferences, fostering personalized interactions and relationship-building.
Donor management 80.97% Provides tools for maintaining donor relationships, such as donor profiles, donation history, and engagement metrics, aiding nonprofits in fostering long-term connections and customizing fundraising strategies.
Registration management 76.56% Facilitates the creation of customizable online registration forms for specific events or campaigns; automates confirmation messages; and provides insights into registration metrics, including trends, demographics, and revenue.

How much does fundraising software cost?

Fundraising software can be as affordable as $9 a month or as expensive as $139+ a month, depending on different things—like what it offers, how many people can use it, what kind of business you have, and how much storage you need. Most online fundraising tools have these kinds of pricing plans:

Free trials: These last from seven to 30 days and let you try out either all or some of the fundraising platform’s features. They’re great for organizations or nonprofits that want to test a tool before buying it.

Free versions: These give you ongoing access to some fundraising software features for free. They’re good for small organizations or nonprofits that don’t have a lot of money to spend.

Basic plans: These start at $9 a month and give you access to standard software features. They’re good for small nonprofits that just need basic things like keeping track of donations and managing contacts.

Medium plans: These cost between $15 and $125 a month and offer more advanced features like keeping donors engaged, running peer fundraising campaigns, and making reports. They’re good for nonprofits that need more than what basic plans offer but don’t need everything that big businesses use.

Premium plans: These cost more than $139 a month and come with lots of advanced features, like unlimited access to basic and medium plan features, processing payments, managing fundraising events, and tools to keep donors interested. They’re good for big nonprofits with lots of donors and complicated fundraising needs.

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