Top 5:Free apps that pay real money instantly

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Do you need a little extra money? Who wouldn’t want to? Since we all spend a lot of time on our smartphones, why not make the most of your time and make some extra money using the best money making apps?

Imagine that you are in the doctor’s reception room, knowing that you can earn some money with the help of earning app and spend the time which is meaningless than sitting in a long wait. West was about to happen. You may even be rewarded for the time you spend there.

Considering your long commute, you can make money while commuting to and from work

I want to help clarify one thing front using these applications will not make you rich or allow you to leave your day job.

With the help of these apps, you can earn money on the side while maintaining a full-time job, allowing you to start your own online business or put the money aside for the future.

Ready? Fly with me!

1. Sweatcoin

earning app

The Sweatcoin designers did an excellent job with this innovation. It’s an app that will promote your actions by giving you money in the form of cryptocurrency. I was paid to walk, that’s real!!

Your daily total is calculated irrespective of whether you make your steps outside when indoors. Only steps completed when using GPS tracking data devices will now be taken into account.

So, all iPhone, Android, and Apple Watches fall under this category. Sadly, my Tracker did not qualify.

However, don’t think that just because you’ve shaken your phone, it will be simple to cheat. Sweatcoin’s creators are one step ahead of you and have cheatedly made the application not take those steps into mind.

Therefore, you must follow the instructions.

2. Blackout Bingo


Blackout Bingo, which offers real-world prizes and cash prizes (where applicable), is the unique, socially competitive twist on the traditional game that and over 5 million players agree upon! Play in beautiful and exotic locations with our adventurous hero Chelsea using this game app for a chance to win real money.

Bingo used to be a game of chance. You would win if you were fortunate enough to have the appropriate card. With Blackout Bingo, you are in a message right now! The same cards and balls are visible to all players. To become a master of bingo, you should have focus, strategy, and quick thinking. Are you capable of improving?

3. Survey Junkie

Based on demographic information, Survey Junkie offers surveys that may be completed in about 15 minutes and give fast cash PayPal or via gift cards.

To confirm your identification, some surveys ask the same questions over and over again. Please be aware that Survey Junkie maintains the right to exclude participants who don’t meet certain requirements at any time during the survey and to only award partial points.

This money-making tool provides the chance to qualify for extra surveys based on browser information in addition to demographic-based questions. In order to locate fresh surveys for you, the Survey Junkie Pulse extension detects digital activities such as website visits, web search activity, and more.



Swagbucks is a reward points-based platform apart from a money-making app. You can get points for completing daily tasks that you would otherwise do. Do you watch online videos? playing games? Enjoy using surveys to make your point.

I have to admit that I enjoyed watching videos online, and most of the surveys I took were relevant to my interests.

Each of these Job Award Points can also be exchanged for gift cards or direct deposit of cash rewards.

Anyone 14 years of age or older can sign up with Swagbucks from anywhere in the world.

5. MyPoints


Using MyPoints, you can earn points for incentives for every dollar you spend at a large network of merchants. When you order online, you have access to the most current offers, discounts, bargains, and promotional codes from all your favorite retailers.

Plus, answering surveys will earn you points. You can transfer those points when you’re ready for the gift card, or directly to your PayPal account if you prefer.

Do none of this appeal to you? Then, for paying money on games like Solitaire Rush and Bejeweled 2, you can get up to 8 points per dollar.

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