7 Best antivirus software for Windows 11/10 2022

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in this artical i have cover Best Antivirus Software For  Windows 11/10.

Antivirus is software designed to detect, protect, and remove malware on a computer or mobile device. Originally, it was created to protect against computer viruses, but it is now a general term to describe software that uses a combination of advanced technologies to protect against a variety of threats, including ransomware, and spyware. and even includes a never-before-seen void. – Attacks of the day. Early antivirus programs would compare software file signatures against a list of known viruses to see if they match, and if so, block them. Today, cyber security companies like Malwarebytes use many different methods to detect, block, or remove malware from a device.

Here are the top Windows 11& 10 antivirus for 2022:

1.Kaspersky Total Security


Kaspersky Internet Security is outstanding. Its design is intuitive, security is comprehensive, and the quality of engineering is excellent. In Kaspersky, everything just works.This is one of the Best Antivirus Software.

The only downside is the VPN. It’s not very advanced, and it collects a lot of user data. Since this is an optional extra, we do not recommend purchasing it.

However, when it comes to Kaspersky’s security features, it’s as good as it gets: top-level anti-malware, excellent web security, a solid (optional) password manager, and industry-leading parental controls.

Tip: Upgrading to Kaspersky Total Security is worth it to have access to the outstanding password manager.

Kaspersky Feature:-

Password manager

Safe money

Protection for kids

Parental Controls

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Backup and Restore

Gaming mode.

Webcam protection.

Data encryption

Malware protection

Password manager

Safe money

Protection for kids

Parental Controls

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Backup and Restore

Gaming mode.

Webcam protection.

Data encryption

Price: Paid

2.Norton 360-Best PC Security Suite in 2022

best-antivirus-norton software

Norton 360 is my favorite antivirus in 2022 – it’s got a powerful anti-malware engine, a wide range of Internet security tools, an intuitive online dashboard, and good customer support, all at a better price than its competitors.Norton is Best Antivirus Software.

Norton’s anti-malware engine uses machine learning, advanced heuristics, and a constantly updated malware directory to identify malware — from viruses and Trojans to advanced malware like ransomware and cryptojackers. During my testing, Norton’s Full Scan and Real-Time Protection were both able to detect every single malware file I downloaded, with minimal system slowdown and no false positives.

As an antivirus software, Norton Antivirus protects against any cyber security threats you will find online and protects your personal information like passwords or financial data. This review provides an summary of their antivirus product suite and if it’s any good.

While i’ve got some complaints, I still think the Norton 360 offers a superb value. I’m impressed by how well-built features are included in each package. Most competitors offer some extra features with their basic anti-malware scanners, but most of Norton 360’s security tools are going to be worth buying on their own. Plus, Norton comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee – many time to check it out and see if it is the right antivirus for you.

Norton Feature:-

Anti-phishing protection.
Password manager.
Integrated firewall.
Cloud backup (up to 500 GB).
Secure VPN.
Parental controls.
Dark web monitoring.
Identity theft protection .

Price: Paid

3.Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender’s Windows antivirus software provides excellent protection with a spread of features to secure your family’s system and identity.

Bitdefender is one in every of my favorite antivirus in 2022. it’s all the cybersecurity protections most users have to stay 100% secure, it’s super easy to use on all devices and operating systems, and it’s cheaper than most competing brands.

During all my tests, Bitdefender had perfect results against every kind of malware samples, and due to its cloud-based virus engine, it didn’t prevent my computer even during full system scans. Bitdefender also has a number of the most effective web protections on the market, detecting more counterfeit and risky sites than both built-in protection from Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, and anti-phishing protection from other antiviruses.Bitdefender is one of Best Antivirus Software

In addition to high-end malware and web protection, Bitdefender has more security measures than most other brands, and every one its extras work as promised and are very simple to seek out and use. 

Bitdefender Feature:

Advanced ransomware protection.
Anti-theft protection for Windows and Android.
System optimization.
Password manager
Secure web browser for safe online payments.
VPN (virtual private network).
Parental controls.
Webcam and microphone protection.

Price: Paid


best-antivirus-pro for windows

Having an antivirus program on your computer or laptop is like having your own personal doctor and bodyguard on hand.

This will protect your device from any unwanted attacks or viruses, as well as remove and fix any previous malware or viruses that it detects.

Now what does an antivirus program have to do with a website that talks about making money online? Well, there is a money-making component in this particular anti-virus software.

This antivirus program is called TotalAV and is designed to provide a low-cost but effective antivirus system to any Windows computer or smartphone.

TotalAV Feature:

Real-time antivirus monitoring
Updated viruses definitions
Safe browsing VPN
Data breach monitoring
Smart scanning
Remote firewall

Price: Free and Paid



Everyone needs antivirus protection, even those with a limited budget. Founded in 1986, Avira protects several users worldwide with its free Avira Antivirus. This product receives excellent marks from independent laboratories, and it brings together a group of related Avira products. It successfully blocked access to malware-hosting URLs in our testing, but failed our phishing protection test.

Avira Antivirus Pro contains a long feature list and reasonable detection rate, but not enough extra power to justify the value. If you are a fan of Avira, either stick to the free version or obtain one among the suites.

However, take care to test the little print. While the free product incorporates a great antivirus engine, significant limitations include no scanning of downloads or email attachments, URL filtering only via browser extensions, and no customer support beyond what you would possibly find on the web site.

Some extras aren’t as impressive as they appear. for instance, the free version of the VPN limits you to around 500MB per month, which is merely enough to run one online speed test.

Avira Feature:

Password manager.
Web protections.
Virtual private network (VPN).
Performance optimization tools.
Game booster.

Price: Free and Paid

6.Trend Micro


Trend Micro’s beginning-level Windows 10 Antivirus is another product designed for a single PC. Actually, this baseline package is Windows-only, though there’s a separate app for Mac — and coverage for multiple devices through the flagship security suite, which we’ll come back to.

One of the major strengths of Trend Micro Antivirus Plus is that it emphasizes making things easier for novice PC users, for example, by avoiding jargon, and explaining options and settings in plain language. But while this suite is easy to use, and a great option for the less tech-savvy, more demanding users will probably want to stay away due to the configuration and lack of options available.

The product also benefits from a very good quality antivirus engine, with Trend Micro being one of the top performers according to independent testing laboratories rankings. That said, a minor weakness is more false positives, or malware misdetection, than the average antivirus.

Antivirus+ also offers robust ransomware protection with a dedicated folder shield that can help block even unseen ransomware trying to compromise your PC.

While Trend Micro Antivirus+ is heavy compared to rivals in terms of resource usage, overall it is a high quality antivirus package. True, it isn’t packed with features, but you also get impressive URL filtering and anti-phishing technology, as well as a pay guard feature to keep your online banking secure.

Trend Micro Feature:

Data Loss Prevention
File Password Analysis
Virtual Analyzer
Multitiered Virus, Spam and Content Filtering
File Password Analysis
Suspicious Objects
Logs and Reports
Email Continuity
Message Quarantine
Logs and Reports

Price: Free and Paid



McAfee’s antivirus programs do much more than the minimum, with an emphasis on protecting multiple machines across multiple platforms.

They complement the newly streamlined interface for malware detection, and recently added features such as unlimited virtual private network (VPN) service and identity-theft protection.

McAfee, on the other hand, uses a lot of system resources during scans and lacks some of the security features found with other brands, including dedicated webcam protection and a rugged browser for online shopping and banking.

McAfee Feature:

Web protection tools
Battery optimization
Secure VPN.
System tune-up.
Identity theft protection
File shredder and file encryption.
Vulnerability scanner

Price: Free and Paid

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