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5 Best Inventory Management Software for Small Businesses in 2023:Discover the Ultimate Solution

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throughout the entire supply chain, along with valuable performance insights and industry-specific functionalities. While some of these software solutions offer flexibility by integrating with your selected software, others offer POS system integration.

Our extensive evaluation process encompassed over a dozen inventory control systems, taking into account factors such as pricing, features, quality, and how well they cater to specific business requirements.

After careful consideration, we have identified the following as the best inventory management software options for small businesses:

List of Inventory Management Software

  1. Lightspeed Retail: Best for retailers
  2. Zoho Inventory: Best inventory management software for perishable items
  3. Square: Best budget inventory management system for businesses with limited inventory and needing a point-of-sale system
  4. EZRentOut: Best for rental companies
  5. Agiliron: Best for B2B sales and Amazon fulfillment
  6. Katana: Best for manufacturing companies
  7. Odoo: Best free inventory management system
  8. MarketMan: Best for restaurants
  9. Cin7 Orderhive: Best for growing ecommerce companies
  10. Orderry: Best for repair shops and service
  11. Ordoro: Best for volume sellers and dropshippers

1.Lightspeed Retail:

Inventory Management

Lightspeed Retail ↗


By -Lightspeed 

Popular retail point-of-sale (POS) software called Lightspeed Retail is well renowned for its inventory management capabilities. With Lightspeed, you can conduct both online and offline sales. Additionally, the platform tracks all of your inventory levels in real time across numerous locations and channels, enables you to run sophisticated reports, and effortlessly interacts with ecommerce businesses. Although if you own a restaurant you’ll find that capability in Lightspeed Restaurant, it doesn’t manage perishable commodities like Zoho. The better option for restaurant inventories is still MarketMan.

Its newest function, “Awaiting Payment,” enables you to reserve items up until payment is made in full. This is a fantastic tool for preventing stock shortages before orders can be filled. It functions for both on-site and online sales.

Pros and Cons of Lightspeed Retail

  • Ideal for retailers with its comprehensive inventory tracking and point-of-sale integration.
  • Employees can rapidly get used to the software because to its user-friendly design.
  • Multi-store functionality simplifies management for businesses with multiple locations.
  • Efficient customer management and support features enhance customer satisfaction.
  • No free plan; higher price point
  • Higher price point compared to some other options.
  • Lacks return management
  • Does not have functions for managing perishable goods

2.Zoho Inventory

Best inventory management software for perishable items

Zoho Inventory ↗


By -Zoho

Because they offer excellent value for the money, Zoho’s products for small businesses frequently appear on our best-of lists. In this case, Zoho Inventory tops the list due to its overall excellence, free plan’s limitations, and capacity to create and monitor expiration dates for perishable goods. (MarketMan, however, works better for restaurants, and Odoo has a more robust free program.)

From a single inventory management platform, it may manage many warehouses, e-commerce, and purchase orders. It also features an instinctua UI and can be customized for various use cases. It is suitable for small grocery businesses due to its perishable item management features, which include expiration tracking and warnings as well as advanced inventory aging reports.

Pros and Cons of Zoho Inventory

  • Specially designed for businesses dealing with perishable items and expiration dates.
  • Intuitive interface with seamless integration into other Zoho products.
  • Real-time tracking of inventory levels to prevent stockouts and overstocking.
  • Automated reordering and restocking based on predefined levels.
  • Multi-channel selling capabilities to reach a wider customer base.
  • May lack some advanced features required by larger enterprises.
  • Lacks return management
  • Lacks rental function
  • Limited POS integrations


inventory management solution

Square ↗


By -Square

On our list of the top free inventory management programs, Square is only behind Odoo. Here, we choose it because of its low cost as compared to others. Even the paid plans are among the most affordable on our list, and the free plan is great if you only require it for very basic needs or a tiny inventory. Square Restaurant offers menu and ingredient-level tracking, online delivery management, and live inventory tracking for both on-site and online sales.

Similar to Lightspeed, Square prioritizes its point-of-sale technology over its inventory. Although its tools are not as robust as Lightspeed’s, they are enough for the majority of small enterprises and are versatile. Although not as good as Odoo for pure inventory, its free plan is still highly potent. Similar to restaurant tracking, MarketMan is superior.

Pros and Cons of Inventory Management "Square"

  • The budget-friendly solution is suitable for small businesses with limited inventory needs.
  • streamlines operations by integrating inventory management with a point-of-sale system.
  • A simple-to-use interface makes daily use simple and quick to set up.
  • Seamless integration with other Square products for payment processing and analytics.
  • The mobile app enables on-the-go inventory management.
  • Advanced inventory on iOS only
  • Offline mode has certain limitations compared to the online version.
  • Advanced inventory on iOS only


nventory management software tailored for small businesses

EZRentOut ↗


By -EZRentOut

When it comes to audio equipment, furnishings for homes or events, or rental equipment for sports or construction, EZRentOut has fantastic inventory features made specifically for the needs of rental businesses. It enables you to record tenant-caused damage, keep tabs on depreciation, and—like Oderry—keep track of maintenance and repairs. Additionally, you can easily know where your equipment is at any time thanks to its GPS tracking functionality.

Pros and Cons of EZRentOut

  • Tailor-made for rental companies with flexible inventory tracking and rental management.
  • User-friendly interface with customizable dashboards for better visibility.
  • B2B and B2C support
  • GPS tracking of items
  • Integration with payment gateways for easy billing and payment processing.
  • Real-time notifications for maintenance and servicing of rental items.
  • powerful reporting and analytics tools for decision-making based on data.
  • Standard plan has very limited features
  • Limited integrations in smaller plans
  • Purchase order only included in higher plans


platform to manage inventory

Agiliron ↗


By -EZRentOut

Agiliron is a multichannel management system with features for retail, wholesale, social commerce, and e-commerce. This software excels at making information accessible from wherever within the software. To distinguish this system from others, it provides extensive inventory features for establishing bespoke orders, kitting features, assemblies, matrixed items, and product substitutes. We selected it for its superior B2B features because of its competitive pricing to Lightspeed and its own POS.

Whether you use Amazon Marketplace and your own fulfillment or partner with Fulfillment by Amazon, we also think it is the greatest for Amazon marketing. Agiliron provides superb integrations with inventory auto syncing, manual and automatic information interchange, and multichannel fulfillment via FBA.

Pros and Cons of Agiliron

  • Ideal for B2B sales and fulfillment through Amazon integration.
  • Unlimited orders in all plans
  • Seamless order and inventory management across multiple sales channels.
  • Real-time visibility of stock levels for effective demand planning.
  • Customizable workflows to match specific business processes.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics for better insights into business performance.
  • Only one user included in all plans
  • Initial setup and integration process may require technical expertise.
  • Some integrations are paid features


For your small business, the best inventory management software may save you time, hassles, and money. Some function alone or with accounting software and are tailored for particular businesses, from warehouses to rental and repair shops, while others are integrated with point-of-sale systems.

Our top pick for the best inventory management software is Lightspeed. Having a great beginning price

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